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Hacienda San Angel

Well it’s fitting as I embark on this blogging journey that one of my first posts would reflect on a place that had my husband and I fall in love with The Bay of Banderas in the first place. Hacienda San Angel was where we stole away to on our honeymoon back in 2007. I am someone who prefers to stay in hidden gems and well, this place is certainly all that and more. As we approached the hotel from the road, Keith wasn’t sure what I had gotten us into but as we entered through the dark heavy door an old world charm swept us off our feet. I love that. Unassuming facades with a world of wonder lying beneath.

No attention to detail is overlooked. It’s such a cliche of a remark these days but Janice Chatterton, the woman with the vision who created this place, may very well have been the originator.

Hand sewn original linens with generous proportions of detail that would have you fall in love with lace. Imagination provoking use of what others would just call plumbing hardware with water pouring from the mouths of lions. Generous uses of natural light and candlelight built into walls and everywhere you turn. Spaces that seem to fade from one corner to another pinching yourself as you’re not sure if you are outdoors or in. A turn down service that doesn’t include a chocolate on your pillow but rather a handmade silver box of chocolates with an array of choices every night. And a wake up service that isn’t a phone call but warmed milk to go with your freshly brewed coffee and pastries no matter the morning hour.

Steeped in history and tradition, she on the other hand is incredibly avant-garde.

So it would be no doubt that our time spent here, brought us back several times later. And nor would you doubt that this place had us dreaming of a place in the sun that we could feel just as we did every time we graced her doors. It was Hacienda San Angel that started our love affair with Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and why we keep coming back, again and again.